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About Us

I am Dr. Josh a graduate of the prestigious King Edward Medical College, in Lahore Pakistan. I completed my post-graduate training and received my degree of MBBS (FCPS) from the same college.

I have an illustrious medical career spanning more than three decades with extensive experience in nephrology, oncology, and renal transplantation in both developing and developed countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait Egypt, etc.

I am currently the Founder of which provides high-quality stethoscopes to doctors all over the world at affordable prices so that they can provide better care for their patients as well as educating them

We at “Stethoscopeia” is a group of doctors who reviews different types and brands of stethoscopes to help medical professionals buy the best stethoscope for their needs within their budget.

After reviewing over 100 different models of stethoscopes, we realized that there was no reliable source where one could find an unbiased review of these products. I created Stethoscopeia as a way to fill this void and provide quality information about the product for those looking for it.

Why should you trust us?

Spending an extraordinary amount of time with multiple stethoscopes just to know why it works well, what makes it better than another, in what sort of situations does it stand out, if it’s rated well for a particularly good design, and how much it weighs or how comfortable it is.

We never accept free products from manufacturers, so you have complete peace of mind that all of our featured products adhere to our strict quality standards.

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